Tinkering with Good Old-Fashioned AI

Overview Artificial Intelligence today has, in many ways, become synonymous with "neural networks" or "deep learning." However, the concept of AI has been around in some »

Development Process: MST Algorithms

Another entry triggered by post-bac studies, I will cover a couple algorithms used to determine a minimal-spanning tree of a connected weighted graph. This time, the approach taken will focus primarily on engineering-design process, rather than performance benchmarking. »

Basic Performance Benchmarking: Sorting Algorithms

So, In this article I'm going to review my process of benchmarking basic sorting algorithms, including some code examples and a runnable test program. The ultimate purpose is to bridge the gap between theory and practice, as well as to try and engage a bit with the hardware we all rely on. »

Type-Inverted Adapters for Gradual Renovation of Legacy Code

Problem Let's say you have an old structure... // Uses typedef struct declaration because it's so old, it probably // came from "the C days" at your company. Some parts »

UML: Why you should be fluent

There are countless out-of-touch articles lauding "code literacy" as tantamount for employability in the 21st century. And it shouldn't surprise you when I agree vehemently that programming languages »